The primary vision of the Beirut Container Terminal Consortium (BCTC) is to be an efficient and cost-effective multimodal facility in the Eastern Mediterranean, supporting local economic growth and serving as a transit base for shipping into the central Arab Peninsula, as well as offering competitive transshipment services.

Field Supervisor on DutyNaoum Nehme70/930410
Planner on DutyAlaa Kdouh 70/930340
Equipment Controller on DutyMohammad Chehab70/930340
Vessel Supervisor on DutyDory Ghaleb70/930360
Yard Supervisor on DutyFayez Farhat70/900460
Trainer on DutyTony Gedoun03/662857
Accidents Coordinator on DutyNaoum Nehme70/930410
Maintenance Coordinator on DutyRoukoz Nakad70/930400
Security Officer on DutyHusein Sawan03/040584
Emergency Hospital Coordinator on DutyHanan Nakhle70/995557
IT Systems Officer on-callHassan Jradi03/873809
IT Hardware Officer on-callHassan Klait71/558870